Engineering/ Customizing

IT security products off the shelf can often not completely cover all the client needs. Against this background BOLL offers its partners and clients a wide range of engineering services and supports them in the design and construction of perfectly matching solutions which far exceed the standard possibilities of manufacturers, products.

Engineering Development of client- and project-specific add-ons
Customization Customizing of complete projects; compilation of complete solutions (products of one or more manufacturers), assembly, labeling, installing software
Individual solutions Tailor-made configurations; development of special solutions (hardware, software); advice with specific problems; product design

Engineering/ Customizing

"Channel partners benefit to a great extent from the BOLL engineering and customization services. It means that they can offer their clients solutions that would not be possible with standard products only. This will be particularly crucial in the increasingly important market for industrial environ- ments and operational technology (OT), where individual needs are not the exception but the rule."

Thomas Boll / CEO